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Off-Grid Solar Panels in Lindale

GreenLife Technologies Offers Top Rated Local® Solar Power in East Texas

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Achieve Complete Energy Independence with Off-Grid Solar Panel Installation

At Greenlife Technologies, we’re proud to be capable of providing our customers options when it comes to solar systems, installing grid-tie systems, grid-tie systems with backup batteries, and off-grid solar systems in East Texas. These systems each have their own unique benefits in achieving energy independence, and our team is here to help you choose the right system for your needs. For the person who desires maximum independence and security when it comes to energy, an off-grid system may be right for you — read on to learn more. Contact us today for a free consultation, and go solar with your own solar power system in Lindale and East Texas.

Benefits of Off-Grid Solar Panels in East Texas:

  • Complete energy independence without relying on a utility company.
  • An excellent solution for solar panel installation in remote areas.
  • Reduce your energy costs and environmental impact.
  • Security and predictability for your power needs.
  • At GreenLife Technologies, we design a customized solution for your needs, and have the expertise to provide installation and maintenance for even complex solar panel systems.

Is An Off-Grid Solar System Right for You?

Each variety of solar panel system we install at Greenlife Technologies offers the property owner a variety of benefits — saving money on energy, reducing environmental impact, and providing additional security without relying as much on an unpredictable energy grid. Off-grid solar systems offer the highest degree of energy independence to the property owner by completely removing the reliance on an energy grid.

Off-grid systems are the perfect choice for homeowners in rural or remote locations where traditional energy methods may not be feasible. It also works well for others who want to have a source of off-grid power to rely on. It’s an option that offers freedom as well as environmental and cost-saving benefits.


At GreenLife Technologies, we can provide homeowners with a variety of solar energy systems to meet their needs and the constraints of their property. There are three basic types of solar panel systems available for residential or commercial use — grid-tie systems, grid-tie systems with backup batteries, and fully off-grid systems.

All three of these solar panel systems use solar photovoltaic (PV) panels that power the system by producing direct current (DC) electricity when the sun is shining. These solar panels are typically installed on the south-facing roof of your structure, but can also be installed in different configurations if your roof space is restricted or compromised.


Off-grid solar panel systems are typically employed where access to the electric utility grid is unavailable or when complete energy independence is desired.

For these systems, DC power is sent to a battery charge controller that charges the batteries and prevents overcharging. The DC power from the solar panels and batteries is routed to either DC circuits in the house or to an inverter that converts DC to AC (alternating current) electricity. The AC power is then diverted to the AC circuits in the house.


Batteries are the heart of the solar power system. If the battery bank is not large enough to compensate for periods without sunshine, then the house will not have electricity.

Fossil fuel generators or wind generators are typically used to generate emergency power if the battery bank becomes depleted. Off-grid solar power requires the most complex engineering and maintenance of the three major types of solar energy systems we offer here at GreenLife Technologies.

Our solar power company can design a custom off-grid system for your needs! Just contact us today for a free consultation.

Energy Independence with Off-Grid Solar System Installation

Solar power is paving the way to providing property owners with affordable, environmentally friendly energy that also allows for unparalleled freedom for those living in remote areas. Our team has been providing passionate service for more than two decades to help homeowners harness this power for themselves, and to do our part in creating a better global environment for the future.

Whether you’re looking to install a grid-tie system to save some money on your power bill or a fully off-grid system to achieve complete energy independence, our team is ready to help with the entire process. From the initial consultation to complete planning, installation, and future maintenance, contact GreenLife Technologies for solar panel installation in Lindale and throughout East Texas.


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