Who is GreenLife Technologies, Inc? ▼

GreenLife Technologies, Inc. is an alternative energy system designer and installer. We are incorporated in Texas and surrounding areas. The GreenLife team is made up of dedicated professionals licensed in engineering, building construction, electrical and other skilled technical trades.

Our goal is to do our part to improve the global environment for our children and their children by promoting energy conservation and implementing clean energy systems.

Why should I use GreenLife? ▼

Our knowledge, experience, range of products and emphasis on personal service can benefit you six ways:
1. DESIGN: Our extensive training and experience in engineering can help ensure that your solar energy system will be optimized for your particular site conditions and that your home or office building will remain structurally sound after the installation of the solar energy system.
2. CONSTRUCTION: The experience of our staff in building construction allows us to anticipate better and deal with problems associated with building design that may affect the solar installation (such as roof venting, roof support structure and energy conservation techniques).
3. CODE COMPLIANCE: We are NABCEP certified and we have registered engineers and master electricians on staff.  We are familiar with local building codes and construction requirements and we maintain knowledge of recent changes in Building, Electrical and Safety Codes.
4. FINANCIAL INCENTIVES: We stay up-to-date with local and regional financial incentive plans and can generate and process the necessary paperwork needed to receive these incentives.
5. ACCELERATED SERVICE: Because we are local, we can give you fast, personal service in the event of a damaged system component, warranty claim or system maintenance.
6. TURNKEY SOLUTIONS: From design and engineering, to construction and installation, to maintenance and warranty, our service team offers turnkey solutions to your solar energy system needs.

How do I get started with GreenLife? ▼

Getting started on the path to GreenLife energy savings or real energy independence is a simple four- step process beginning with basic information and ends with installation and aftercare. Click here to get started now.
1. CONTACT INFORMATION: If you provide us with your name and contact information and the address of the proposed solar installation, we can inform you about what incentives are available in your area so that you can determine if a Solar PV System is feasible for you.
2. ENERGY USAGE: If you provide us with some information about your energy usage (or your utility bills) and some information about the orientation of your house, we can provide you with some basic system options and costs.
3. BID REQUEST: If you decide that you would like an exact bid for your Solar Energy Project, we will travel to your site and take all the measurements (such as roof pitch, roof orientation, shading, etc.) needed to present you with a proposal.
4. ACCEPTANCE: Once the proposal is accepted, we will prepare all paperwork necessary for you to receive financial incentives.
INSTALLATION: After system installation, you will be provided with an owner’s manual and your system will be warranted against defects or malfunctions. The length of the warranty will depend on the equipment that we install (most solar modules have a 25 year warranty).
AFTER CARE: This is especially important to GreenLife Technologies. Most solar energy systems will never have a problem. However, in the event that you have questions about your system or maintenance requirements, we are there to help.

What does a solar panel system cost and how does it work? ▼

A solar panel system is an investment that in addition to paying for itself can add thousands of dollars to the value of a house.

The working technology that converts solar energy into electrical energy is called solar photovoltaic (PV).

For a detailed overview of how PV systems work and an insight into their design and pricing, contact GreenLife Technologies.

How soon will a solar panel system pay for itself? ▼

In most cases if a person buys a system when an incentive is available, the system will pay for itself in 3 to 5 years. If an incentive is not available, the payback is still around 6 to 8 years.

For more information on the performance and financial aspects of solar energy systems, contact us.

Will the weight of the panels create a structural problem for my home? ▼

The weight of solar panels is not a problem for most houses. Typically, our systems weigh about three to five pounds-per-square foot. This is about the weight of a single layer of shingles. However, because we have a structural engineer on staff, every project design is checked to make sure that added weight doesn’t create a problem.

Will the installation compromise the integrity of my roof or its warranty? ▼

The integrity of the roof will not be compromised nor should the warranty. On certain types of roofs, we do not even have to penetrate the roof. On standing seam steel roofs, we clamp to the seams of the roof with industry standard clamps. If a person does not want the solar panels on the roof, we can also install them on a ground mount structure, a pole, or a separate canopy.

Is a roof with solar panels more susceptible to leaks? ▼

No more than any other roof. We install flashings at every location where it is necessary to penetrate the roof, ensuring that the roof will not leak.

My roof is old, will I need a new roof before panels are installed? ▼

Only that portion of the roof where the solar panels will be installed needs to be new. The solar panels themselves will last at least 25 years.

What happens if my roof leaks after the panels are installed and needs maintenance? ▼

If the roof material needs replacement, the solar panels will have to be removed and put back in place. This will involve a labor charge but should not incur any replacement costs for panel components.

My spouse thinks solar panels are ugly? What do I say? ▼

The appeal of the appearance of solar panels is different to everyone. If you or your spouse does not like the look of solar panels, we may be able to place them in an inconspicuous area on the back of the house.

If you like the look, we can work with you to showcase the panels. We have installed solar panels on houses for folks with million dollar homes with thousands of dollars invested on the design of their house.

If you have not seen an installation in person, we more than likely have an installation in your area to view before you decide.

Remember, the solar panels do not have to be installed on the roof. Subject to space restrictions, they can be installed as much as 500 feet away from the house.

What are the building code requirements for my area and who will handle the paperwork? ▼

Currently, every jurisdiction has its own rules.

Many communities such as Tyler, Texas only require an electrical permit. Other places such as Highland Park in Dallas require an electrical permit, a building permit and an engineer’s stamp.

As part of our due diligence, we provide all paperwork with the installation including applications for incentive programs and interconnection agreements with utility companies.

Can anybody install a solar energy system? ▼

It is not recommended that an unqualified or inexperienced person install a solar energy system.

This type of installation involves dangerous work on roofs that can leak or ground mount structures that must withstand high wind loads. Also, DC electrical equipment with voltages that can reach up to 600 volts must be wired.

These systems require the preparation of drawings and other documents and their proper submission in order to receive electric bill credits or other available incentives.

What certifications qualify GreenLife to install solar energy systems? ▼

GreenLife Technologies has been certified by the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP), which means that we have completed training, demonstrated the appropriate experience and passed a standardized exam that demonstrates our qualifications. We also have registered engineers and master electricians on staff.

Will my warranty be with you or the manufacturer? ▼

GreenLife Technologies warrants installation on most projects for five years. Solar panels have a manufacturer warranty for 25 years. Inverter warranties range between 10 and 25 years.

If there is ever a problem with your system, you may call us to diagnose the problem and handle the warranty claim.

We only use equipment from companies with a history of manufacturing quality products and sound financial backing. If you choose, you may deal directly with the manufacturer yourself.