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Say Goodbye To High Electric Bills

A grid-tied solar power system will reduce your monthly electricity expenditure to almost nothing--all while lowering your carbon footprint. A lot of energy companies will provide rebates and credits for the power the solar panels on your home generate, too. If you’re tired of high bills and unreliable electricity, a grid-tied system may be perfect for you.

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About Grid-Tied Solar Energy Systems

Lower Electric Bills, Smaller Footprint

A grid-tied solar power system converts the energy from the sun into electricity that can be used to run everything in your home. The whole system is still tied to the electrical grid, too. On a cloudy day, you’ll draw electricity from your electric company. On a sunny day, your solar panels will power your home.

If you happen to produce extra electricity, that will be transferred back through the power grid. Most energy companies offer something called net metering, and they will give you a credit on your electric bill if you provide more than you use. Using less electricity and providing some back will dramatically reduce your electricity bill.

Grid-tied systems are good for most homeowners. They lower your carbon footprint and your electric bill at the same time, all while paying for themselves over the life of the system. If you want lower energy bills, contact us today to schedule a consultation.

Benefits Of Grid-Tied Systems


Grid-tied systems are reasonably simple. This means that they’re one of the more cost-effective solar solutions available.

Lower Electric Bills

A grid-tied system will dramatically reduce your electric bills from month to month. With net metering, it may be next to nothing yearly.


Solar-powered electrical systems can last for up to 30 years, and your savings over that time will more than pay for their installation.

Grid Tied Solar Roof

On-Demand Power

Because your home is still on the power grid, it serves as a backup battery and will provide power to your home on a cloudy day.

Top-Rated Solar Installers In Tyler, TX

Greenlife Technologies is an East Texas solar energy company with over 10 years of experience installing solar power systems in Tyler and all of East Texas. From start to finish, we’ll work with you to install a solar system that will meet your power requirements.

Each of our solar power systems is unique to your power consumption and energy goals, and we design them to suit your specifications. 

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The Solar Panel Installation Process

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Contact us and we’ll be able to calculate approximately how much money you’ll save and how quickly your solar power system will pay for itself.

Initial Assessment

Our electrical engineers will analyze your power needs and learn about your goals for the solar power system.


Our engineers will design a solar energy system that will meet your home’s power requirements and help you achieve energy independence.


When your system is designed, we will schedule a time to install all the components on your home.

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