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With an off-grid solar power system, you will be entirely independent of your local power grid. You’ll no longer have to worry about paying an electric bill or experiencing power outages. Each system is custom-designed to meet your energy needs and features a solar panel array and backup batteries to power your home when it’s dark outside.

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About Off-Grid Solar Power Systems

Total Independence & No Electric Companies

An off-grid solar power system will allow you to be totally independent of electrical companies. It features an array of solar panels and batteries to power the entirety of your home. The solar panels will collect energy to power your home directly while storing excess energy in the batteries.

When it’s dark or cloudy, the batteries take over. The batteries will power your entire home, allowing you to be free from power outages and blackouts. Because you’re off the grid, you also won’t have to worry about electricity bills ever again.

If you’re tired of more and more expensive electricity bills and are interested in going off the grid, contact us today to schedule a consultation and to get a free quote.

Benefits Of Off-Grid Solar Systems

Complete Independence

With an off-grid system, you no longer have to rely on the energy grid, electric companies, or anyone else.

No Energy Bills

Your system will provide all the sustainable energy your home needs, so you won’t ever have to pay an electric bill again.

No Power Outages

Since you aren’t on the grid, you aren’t subjected to outages, blackouts, and other service disruptions anymore.

100% Green

You can be confident that your home is powered entirely by renewable green energy and is entirely sustainable.

Top Rated Solar Provider In Tyler, TX

Greenlife Technologies has been helping East Texans create sustainable, green energy solutions for over a decade. We’ll evaluate your energy needs and then design an off-grid solar power system to meet them. We’ll help you become entirely independent from electrical companies and power outages.

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The Solar Panel Installation Process

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Contact us and we’ll be able to calculate approximately how much money you’ll save and how quickly your solar power system will pay for itself.

Initial Assessment

Our electrical engineers will analyze your power needs and learn about your goals for the solar power system.


Our engineers will design a solar energy system that will meet your home’s power requirements and help you achieve energy independence.


When your system is designed, we will schedule a time to install all the components on your home.

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