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Grid-tied solar energy systems with a battery backup offer homeowners the most flexibility. On sunny days, your home can be powered directly. The batteries can also store extra energy for days where there isn’t any sun. Your home is still hooked up to the power grid, too, so if it’s cloudy and your batteries don’t have enough stored energy, you’ll still have power.

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About Grid-Tied Systems & Backup Batteries

Multiple Failsafes & More Independence

A grid-tied system offers you a lot of flexibility, so when you add a bank of batteries to back that system up, you have a very powerful electrical system with fewer outages and lower electrical costs. They’re a hybrid system and offer the best of traditional power and solar power.

The system consists of solar panels, which collect and direct energy into your home. Excess energy is used to charge the batteries connected to the system. Any energy left over is transmitted to the power grid.

The grid and the solar panels can both power your entire home, while the batteries can power all or part of it in the event of an outage. There are multiple failsafes in a system like this, so you’ll almost never lose power.

If you’re interested in a grid-tied system with battery backups, contact us today to learn more and get a free quote.

Benefits Of Grid-Tied Solar Power Systems With Battery Backup

More Independence

With a grid-tied system backed up by batteries, you don’t frequently need to rely on the energy grid for your power needs.

Lower Electricity Bills

After charging the batteries, any excess power will be transferred to the power grid, and your energy company will credit your account.

Fewer Power Outages

If the energy grid goes down, your battery backups will power your home. Systems can be designed to do so for days.

Sustainable Energy

With a grid-tied system, you’ll be powering your home and returning energy through the grid for someone else to use.

Solar energy panels

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Greenlife Technologies has over a decade of experience designing solar power systems for East Texans. We’ll work with you to design your system, and after we’ve received the parts for it, we’ll install it on your home in just a few short days.

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The Solar Panel Installation Process

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Our electrical engineers will analyze your power needs and learn about your goals for the solar power system.


Our engineers will design a solar energy system that will meet your home’s power requirements and help you achieve energy independence.


When your system is designed, we will schedule a time to install all the components on your home.

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