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Powering your home with solar energy can help you experience independence from the energy grid, electrical companies, and monthly bills. GreenLife Technologies has been helping East Texans find energy independence for over a decade, and we’re here to help design, install, and maintain your solar power system.

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  • save an average of

    $44 to $187

    per month

  • become 


    from electric companies

  • enjoy year-round

    low to no

    electric bills

  • solar Systems have



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How Much Does A Solar Power System Cost?

GreenLife Technologies Can Help You

Installing a solar system requires an initial investment, and though it’s guaranteed to pay for itself over time, that can be daunting for some home and business owners. GreenLife Technologies will help you through the whole process, including helping you qualify for any tax and energy company credits available to you.

We also offer low-interest, zero-down financing to help you afford a new solar power system, and we’re available to help you understand the financing process for one of our systems.

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Parts Of A Solar Energy System

  • Highly Configurable


    We install Photovoltaic (PV) panels on the south side of your roof or somewhere they’ll get plentiful sunshine. They absorb the energy from the sun and transmit it as electricity to your home.

  • Dedicated Support


    We install the inverter somewhere in or on your home. Solar panels transmit DC energy, and the inverter will convert DC to AC energy, which is usable in your home or office.

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    High-Capacity Batteries

    Not all systems will have batteries, but the ones that do will be more immune to power outages. After powering your home, any excess energy will be stored in these batteries and available for you to use later.

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The Solar Panel Installation Process

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Contact us and we’ll be able to calculate approximately how much money you’ll save and how quickly your solar power system will pay for itself.

Initial Assessment

Our electrical engineers will analyze your power needs and learn about your goals for the solar power system.


Our engineers will design a solar energy system that will meet your home’s power requirements and help you achieve energy independence.


When your system is designed, we will schedule a time to install all the components on your home.

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