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Grid-Tie Solar Systems for Your Lindale Home

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Generate Excess Energy for Your Home or Office

GreenLife Technologies is committed to helping homeowners in Lindale and throughout East Texas become energy independent with the help of Grid-Tie Solar Systems. With these systems, an inverter is mounted on the house that converts electricity to make it compatible with home or office wiring and appliances. This inverter can supply electricity to your whole home. To learn more about grid-tie systems and if they are the right choice for your home in Lindale, give us a call at GreenLife Technologies today!

Benefits of a Grid-Tie Solar System:

  • Excess electricity that is generated can offer a full or partial credit on your electric bill.
  • Can be sized to meet all or part of your electricity needs.
  • Low operating and maintenance costs.
  • Access to backup power from the utility grid.
  • Electrical system efficiency goes up.
  • Investing in solar panels will pay for itself within 3 to 5 years with incentives, and 6 to 8 years without incentives.

Who Are Grid-Tie Solar Systems Right For?

One of the major benefits of working with a trusted solar installation team is the ability to choose the solar panel system that makes the most sense for your property. Our team has more than 25 years of experience in solar energy, and we’re dedicated to helping East Texas homeowners experience the benefits of solar for themselves.

Grid-tie systems offer an attractive option for a wide variety of homeowners, as a cost-effective option for those who don’t want or need to rely entirely on solar power for their property. Grid-tie systems offer a fast return on investment and provide homeowners a way to save money on energy while also adding value to their property. While your solar system is expected to pay for itself within at most 8 years, the average lifespan is more than 25 years, meaning you’ll continue to save well into the future.

GreenLife Technologies will work with you to find the best solution for your property, power needs, and budget. Our team will consult with you, plan the installation, submit all necessary paperwork for financial incentives, and provide full installation and aftercare to allow you to enjoy the benefits of going solar.


There are three basic types of solar energy systems available for residential and commercial use — grid-tie systems, grid tie systems with backup batteries, and off-grid systems. All systems use solar photovoltaic (PV) panels and are typically installed on the south-facing roof of your structure. These panels power the system, producing DC (direct current) electricity when the sun is available. If roof space is restricted or compromised, our solar company can offer alternative mounting solutions.


With grid-tie systems, the DC electricity generated by the PV panels passes through wiring on the roof and down to an inverter mounted on the house. The inverter converts the DC electricity to AC (alternating current) electricity that is compatible with home or office wiring and appliances. The AC power from the inverter then passes to the main electrical panel where it can supply the needs of the building.


Typically, during sunny periods, the solar panels generate excess energy for your home or office. This excess electricity passes backward through the electric meter and to your utility’s power grid. In most cases, you will get a full or partial credit for this excess electricity applied to your electric bill. When the sun is not shining, you will use electricity from the electric utility grid as you would if you did not have a solar panel system.

A grid-tie system can be sized to meet part or all of your electricity needs. Systems that meet all of your needs will produce enough excess electricity during sunny periods to completely offset the power used when the sun is not shining. Contact us today with any questions about solar panel systems and to request a free consultation for grid-tie solar installation in Lindale or throughout East Texas.

Save Money By Going Solar in East Texas!

If you’ve been thinking about harnessing the benefits of solar power for your property but you’re not sure where to begin, the team at GreenLife Technology is here to help. Solar offers a range of fantastic benefits from Texas homeowners, allowing a method of saving money on energy, increasing your property value, and reducing your environmental impact.

Visit our FAQ page to find answers to some commonly asked questions about solar energy, or contact our team with any further questions. We are happy to help homeowners harness the power of green energy for themselves — get in touch with us today to receive a free consultation on solar panel installation in East Texas.


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