How Can Solar Power Help You Save in East Texas?

We Help You Invest in the Benefits of Solar Power

At GreenLife Technologies, we make it easy to jump into the many benefits offered by installing a solar system in East Texas. We offer solutions in the forms of fully off-grid systems, grid-tie systems, and grid-tie systems with battery backup. We can help you determine the system that makes the most sense for your needs, create a custom solar plan for you, and provide all necessary installation and maintenance. Read on to learn more about the cost-saving benefits of solar power, and give us a call today to request a free consultation.

Why Choose Solar Power in East Texas?

  • Solar panels can offer a tremendous increase in the value of your home.
  • The money you save on your future electrical bills generally pays for the cost of your system in only six years.
  • Switching to solar power reduces your environmental impact.
  • Achieve independence from utility companies and reliable backup power when you need it.
  • We offer customized solar plans for your needs, and can help you choose the system that is right for you.

When determining the cost of a solar energy system, you should consider the size of the system, the increase in value of your property due to the solar energy system, the return on your investment from energy savings, and the incredible environmental benefits.

Costs vary according to market forces, so please call our solar company today for the most current costs.

Property Value Increase

According to the Appraisal Journal, the value of a house increases by $20 for every $1 of yearly energy savings. Also a new study by the NC Clean Energy Technology Center has found that the average value added to a house by installing a solar energy system is more than $4/Watt. For a typical house in Texas with a 10kW system, the value added to a house is $30,000 to $40,000. Clearly, solar power systems can greatly increase your property value.

Return on Investment

When you install a solar energy system, you protect the environment and you save money on your monthly electric bill. The warranty period for our solar panel systems is 25 years — and the solar panels will continue to operate beyond the warranty period. Electric rates have been rising at a rate of over 3% per year and will more than likely continue to increase in the future. For a typical house in Texas, a rigorous financial analysis shows that, even without a financial incentive, an investment in solar will yield a rate of return of as much as 18% and have a payback period of six years. In other words, a solar energy system will pay for itself more than four times in its lifetime. The cost for solar panel installation may be more than you want to pay upfront, but it more than pays itself off in East Texas.

Initial Cost of a Solar Energy System

The size of the solar array depends on the available sun in your area and the amount of energy that you need for your home or business. GreenLife Technologies can determine the amount of available sun at your site by evaluating the location, orientation, and shading of the solar PV array.

The size of the solar panel system also depends on your electricity needs. The electricity needs can be determined by evaluating past electricity bills. If you have a new house, GreenLife Technologies can determine your probable needs by analysis and experience from other projects in the area.

The cost of a solar energy system is typically around $3/Watt, but on larger systems of 10kW and more, the price is lower.

Example Savings and Property Value Increase for a Solar Electric System:

Average monthly utility bill $153 per month
Estimated system size required 10kW
System cost $25,900 (zero down financing is available)
System cost after tax credits $18,130
Estimated first year utility bill savings $1,854
Estimated increase in property value $37,080
Return on investment 18%
Cashflow payback period 5.9 years

“Solar PV customers that invest in a 5kW solar PV system save an average of between $44 to $187 per month during the first year that they own their system.”
– Going Solar in America

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