Photo of a large home with solar panels on the roof.

As renewable energy becomes increasingly popular to help our planet — and as the financial benefits continue to improve as well — you may find yourself wondering if a solar panel system is right for you. 

Here at GreenLife Technologies, we believe solar panel systems are for everyone! That being said, we are located in Lindale and help clients primarily throughout Smith County and East Texas. Here on our blog, we regularly post updates about solar panels and how you can benefit. Check out some of our popular posts here: 

Our solar company is ready and willing to help you begin renewable energy for your East Texas home. Keep reading below to learn more about grid-tie solar systems, and then contact us today to get started with a free consultation.

Types of Solar Panel Systems We Offer

Here in East Texas, our solar company offers three types of solar panel systems:

All three of these solar power systems use solar photovoltaic (PV) panels to produce DC (direct current) electricity.

How Grid-Tie Solar Systems Work

At GreenLife Technologies, we have two types of grid-tie solar systems; one has a solar battery backup and the other doesn’t. 

In the standard grid-tie solar system, the DC electricity generated by the PV panels moves through wiring on the roof down toward an inverter mounted on the house. The inverter then converts the DC electricity to AC (alternating current) electricity.

In a grid-tie solar system with battery backups, DC power from the solar array travels to a charge controller. This controller continuously monitors the charge of the batteries and passes electricity to them when needed. When they are fully charged, the electricity is then diverted to an inverter and to your home, business, etc. This means that you’re one step closer to total energy independence and can use your solar battery backups when the electric utility grid is down.

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