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When chocolates, teddy bears, and roses just don’t seem like a practical gift for Valentine’s Day, we’ve got you covered. Sure, it’s a day focused on love. But who says you can’t buy your partner — with whom you own a home — something that will make them remember your love all year-round?

Here at GreenLife Technologies, we’re your go-to source for solar panel installation in East Texas. From grid-tie solar systems to grid-tie with backup and off-grid solar systems, we have just what you need to harness solar energy for your home, thereby saving money and the planet in the process. Of course, there are lots of gifts homeowners would love besides solar panel systems. Here are our top five:


Especially if that special someone in your life is interested in sustainability, what better gift than a composter? This will make gardening in the summer all the better, while also decreasing their carbon footprint and food waste. The average American consumer wastes about one pound of food per day or about 225–290 pounds per year. Starting to compost won’t eliminate that waste, but it will certainly decrease it.


Cleaner air, happier vibes, and increased beauty — what more could you want? Depending on how much you want to spend on gifts this Valentine’s Day, houseplants could be the perfect gift. They’re decorative, improve moods, and clean indoor air, making them a loving gift all around.

Smart Thermostat

Stop wasting money with your HVAC unit! Especially as we move into the warmer months here in East Texas, making sure your HVAC unit is as efficient as possible is one of the best things you can do. Smart thermostats can save money over time and improve efficiency in your home.

Solar Panel System

Want to save even more money? A solar panel system is the way to go. They may seem like a large upfront cost (and they are), but the payback period is only 6 short years — even without the financial incentives at the state or federal level. Check out Breaking Down the Cost and ROI of Using Solar Energy and our Cost of Solar Power in Lindale page for more information. This is the Valentine’s gift that will keep on giving for years to come.

Subscription Box

Finally, why not order a subscription box for the special homeowner in your life? It could be for everything from meal kits to home decor, so there’s no shortage of options. Find one that favors their interests and meets their needs as a homeowner.

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Alternative energy is the future, and GreenLife Technologies will take you there. Our solar installation is fast, affordable, and high-quality, and we’ll answer any question you have along the way. Our solar panel systems have a 25-year warranty period, but you’ll start saving money (and the planet) immediately. Throughout Lindale, Smith County, and East Texas, we’re your solution for solar panel systems. Contact us today to get started with a free consultation, and happy Valentine’s Day!