Whether you’re interested in solar panels to save money, save the planet, or a combination of the two, GreenLife Technologies is here for you. We install solar panel systems throughout East Texas, including in Lindale and Smith County.

If it’s a solar panel system you’re looking for, then we’re here for you — no matter how big or small of a solar panel installation you want. We have more than 25 years of experience, and our team even has master electricians with more than 40 years of experience. Learn more below about the types of solar power systems and installation types you can choose for your East Texas property, and then contact GreenLife Technologies today for a free consultation.

3 Solar Panel Systems

Here at GreenLife Technologies, there are three solar power systems we regularly install throughout Lindale, Smith County, and East Texas.

All three of these solar power systems use solar photovoltaic (PV) panels. We typically install these solar panels on the south-facing roof of your structure where they’ll receive the most sunlight. These solar panels power the system by producing DC (direct current) electricity when the sun is out.

Grid-Tie Solar Systems

With a grid-tie solar system, the generated DC electricity will pass through wiring on the roof and move down to an inverter mounted on the house. The inverter then converts the DC electricity into AC (alternating current) electricity. AC electricity is compatible with home or business wiring and appliances. The AC power from the inverter then moves to the main electrical panel. Once there, it can supply the electricity needs of the building.

Grid-Tie With Solar Battery Backups

With a grid-tie solar system with a battery backup, the process is a little different. This solar panel installation is designed to function when the electric utility grid is unreliable or when the constant operation of some devices is essential. If you’re interested in one day reaching total energy independence, then this is a crucial step you’ll need to take to get there. Grid-tie systems with battery backups use a bank of batteries paired with solar energy panels to provide the building with power whenever the electric utility grid is down.

DC power travels to a charge controller that constantly monitors the batteries’ level of charge. When a battery is low, electricity passes to them; when a battery is charged, electricity is diverted to an inverter and then to the electrical wiring of your structure.

Off-Grid Solar Systems

Do you have a dream of being off the grid completely? Off-grid solar panel systems are the answer. DC power is sent to a battery charge controller that will charge the batteries and prevent overcharging. The DC power from the solar panels and batteries is then routed to either DC circuits in your house or to an inverter that converts DC to AC electricity. If the latter is the preference, then the AC power is then diverted to AC circuits in the house.

5 Types of Installation

We offer multiple solar panel installation types here at GreenLife Technologies:


Roof mounts are arguably one of the most popular methods of solar installation. We’ll protect your roof and ensure it gets adequate sunlight before mounting a solar power system to it.

Ground Mounts

Just like it sounds! We’ll employ a solar panel installation on the ground of your property at an angle that is conducive to the sun in your area.

Pole Mounts

If you’re interested in a pole mount for your solar panel installation, then the panels will be higher from the ground and have more access to the sun (depending on your property).

Pole Mounts With Tracking

To take full advantage of all the sun we get here in East Texas, a pole mount with tracking means your solar panel system will adjust to face the direction of the sun.


This is similar to pole mounts, but canopy-mounted solar panel installation is versatile and allows you to continue to use the space, such as for a canopy over cars or tractors on your property.

Install A Solar Panel System In East Texas Today

A solar power system for your home or business in Lindale, Smith County, or East Texas is only a call away. Contact GreenLife Technologies today for a free consultation regarding solar panel systems and check out our FAQ page.