Solar energy is still relatively new, and while solar technology is advancing rapidly, there are lots of misconceptions out there. Here at GreenLife Technologies, we’re here to tell you the facts and figures of solar panels and solar panel installation. 

As a solar company in East Texas, we’ve heard our fair share of the myths out there. In today’s blog, we decided to focus on the seven myths or misconceptions we hear most frequently. Take a look and see what you learn, and be sure to contact us today for a free consultation on solar panels for your home. We work with clients throughout Lindale, Smith County, and East Texas, and we’d be delighted to address any of your questions or concerns today.

Solar energy will power my home if the power goes out.

If the power goes out and you’re living on the grid, then the system will turn off so as not to cause problems for electricity workers who are trying to fix the problem. If you have an off-grid solar system, then you could continue to power your home.

Solar panels are bad for the environment eventually.

Solar panels are designed to last at least 25 years. At that point, they’re then recyclable! Some manufacturers even offer free recycling, so be sure to ask about this when first beginning solar panel installation.

Solar panels don’t work in cloudy weather.

We may not get much cold, snowy weather here in East Texas, but we get some clouds here and there! Even in cool or cloudy weather, your solar panel systems will generate a high level of electricity.

Solar panel installation is too expensive.

The upfront cost may be expensive, but the payback period can be as quick as 6 years, making solar panels a cost-effective option. There are also many rebates and incentives available.

Solar panel systems require too much upkeep and maintenance.

Assuming you have a reliable manufacturer — along with a trustworthy solar company and contractor — maintenance and installation are straightforward. Solar panels are designed to withstand harsh weather, but different types may need to be cleaned or repaired more often than others.

Solar panels will damage my roof.

Our solar contractors don’t even have to penetrate the roof on certain types of roofs. The integrity of your roof won’t be compromised, and solar panel systems may actually protect and preserve the portion of the roof they cover.

Solar panels will make it harder to sell my house.

Selling a home with solar panels is actually easier than ever! You’ll increase property value and create a large incentive for someone to buy your home if you already have solar panels installed and operating.

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