Image of a home with solar panels on the roof.

Even if you know nothing else about solar panel systems, you most likely know that they’re good for the planet and good for your wallet (check out 5 Non-Financial Benefits and 5 Financial Benefits for more information). And, really, that’s about all you really need to know in order to make the jump to getting your own solar panel system. 

Here at GreenLife Technologies, we specialize in solar panel systems throughout Lindale, Smith County, and East Texas. Whether you have questions about solar energy in general or want to get into the nitty-gritty of off-grid solar systems, solar battery backups, and more, we’re here for you. And although all you need to know is that solar panel systems will save the planet and save you money, we want to give you more information about why our solar power company is the right one for the job. Keep reading to learn more about this and then contact us today for a free consultation on a solar panel system for your East Texas home.


Whether you’re interested in solar panels for a home or office building, our experience and training in engineering ensure that your solar panel system is optimized for your site conditions and that everything will be structurally sound.


Roof venting, roof support structure, and energy conservation techniques are all important aspects to consider in the construction of a solar panel system, and our staff is up to the task.

Code Compliance

Here at GreenLife Technologies, we are NABCEP-certified and have registered engineers and master electricians on staff. We’re up-to-date with local building codes, construction requirements, and recent changes in Building, Electrical and Safety Codes.

Financial Incentives

Don’t want to mess with finding all the financial incentives available to you when you install a solar panel system? We can help. We stay current with local and regional financial incentive plans and can even generate and process the necessary paperwork.

Accelerated Service

We’re a local solar company, meaning we can provide fast, local, and personalized service year-round. From damaged system components to warranty claims and system maintenance, you can count on us for quick service.

Turnkey Solutions

Finally, we offer turnkey solutions to meet your solar energy system needs so that you can harness the power of alternative energy with as little stress and time on your end as possible.

Learn More About Solar Panel Systems in East Texas

Find what you’re looking for? We’re sure our solar power company is the one for you, and we’ll put that to the test by offering you a free consultation. Contact us today to get started and be sure to check out some of our most popular blog posts for more information:

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