Image of three workers installing solar panels in a field.

Solar energy may be all the rage these days — and it’s no question why when it’s good for the environment and your wallet. As solar panel systems become even more popular, though, scammers and poor contractors will simply increase in number. 

Here at GreenLife Technologies, we can help. Today’s blog will focus on six mistakes to avoid when hiring a solar contractor. We hope this helps as you continue researching solar panel systems in East Texas. If you’re ready to see how GreenLife Technologies measures up, then contact us today! We work with clients throughout Lindale, Smith County, and all of East Texas, and we can get you started with a free consultation.

Choosing the Wrong System

There are three main types of solar panel systems: grid-tie, grid-tie with battery backup, and off-grid. By not researching and talking with your solar contractor about your options, you may end up with a system that doesn’t appropriately meet your needs. 

Cutting Costs Irresponsibly

Buying cheap solar panels or working with a solar company that cuts corners may seem like a good idea upfront because of costs, but it will certainly come back to bite you. And why would you even want to when our solar panel systems have a 25-year warranty?

Delaying Because of Costs

Speaking of costs, don’t delay! The longer you delay solar panel installation, the less likely you are to eventually pay for it. That’s not the only reason not to, though; you’ll also miss out on savings! The payback period here in East Texas is only 6 years, after all.

Ignoring Rebates and Incentives

Another way to (responsibly) cut costs with solar energy is by taking advantage of rebates and incentives. Here at GreenLife Technologies, we’re familiar with what’s available and will help walk you through the process and options.

Installing Solar Panels Yourself

You may be a DIY weekend warrior, but it’s best to leave solar panel installation to the professionals. There are many aspects to consider, such as the direction of the sun, roofing material, weather, electrical components, and so much more. 

Only Getting One Quote

Finally, don’t settle with just one quote for solar panel systems! Instead, shop around just like you would with any other service. Solar technology is developing rapidly, meaning companies can offer more competitive prices and services.

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