Nowadays, when people think of solar panel systems, they think of all the money they could be saving on their electricity bills. Did you know the financial savings go beyond that monthly bill, though? 

Here at GreenLife Technologies, we work hard to help residents and business owners throughout East Texas harness the power of the sun for their homes and businesses. In part one of this blog, we addressed the non-financial benefits of using solar energy. This post will focus exclusively on the financial benefits. Keep reading to learn more, and then contact GreenLife Technologies today to schedule a free consultation regarding your own solar panel system.

Electricity Savings

Everyone knows renewable energy is, well, renewable. It’s because of this that solar power can be so cost-effective and save you vast amounts of money on your electricity bills. When you’re harnessing the power of the sun to power your home, you’re not paying the city or anyone else for that electricity. 

One way we see this as extra beneficial is in terms of time-of-use (TOU) rates. Many cities are starting to incorporate different rates for different times of the day. When you have your own solar panel system, you won’t have to worry about what time of day you’re using your own solar energy — because it won’t cost you any more!

Federal and State Incentives

Each state has different incentives for installing a solar power system. When you choose GreenLife Technologies as your solar company, we’ll fill you in on all you need to know about East Texas incentives for solar power. On top of this, there are tax benefits, credits, and grants at a federal level!

Increased Property Value

Just how much does a solar power system increase your property value? Well, enough so that we did a whole blog post about it! How Using Solar Energy Increases the Value of Your Home delves into this in more depth, but the typical house in Texas with a 10kW system will see about $30,000 to $40,000 in added value.

Positive ROI

Renewable energy is one of the few things you can buy that will actually pay itself off and offer a completely positive return on investment. In fact, the cashflow payback period for a solar panel system is only about 5.9 years.

Protection From Rising Energy Costs

You want to look out for your future, and the cost of electricity is only rising for people who don’t get on board with alternative energy. The rising costs are inevitable — they grow every year, after all — but with a solar power system, you can protect yourself from those rising costs. 

Get Your Own Solar Panel System in East Texas

Here at GreenLife Technologies, we do all we can to make your solar installation as straightforward, cost-effective, and successful as possible. Watch our videos, get answers to FAQs, and learn more about Types of Solar Panel Installation for Your Texas Home. Contact our solar company today for a free consultation on a solar panel system for your home or business in Lindale, Smith County, or East Texas.