Installing a solar panel system for your East Texas home or business is a powerful step forward in the era of renewable energy. Getting started, however, and finding a solar company you trust can initially feel overwhelming.

GreenLife Technologies is here for you. We install solar panels for homeowners and business owners throughout Lindale, Smith County, and all of East Texas. We know just how good solar power is for your wallet, the environment, and our future — and we make it easier than ever for you to have your own solar panel system by getting you started with a free consultation! Keep reading below to learn how best to choose a solar company, and then contact us today for a free consultation and to see if we’re up to the test. We can’t wait to hear from you! 


You don’t trust Bob from accounting to do Lisa’s upper-level management job. You likewise don’t trust a car company to repair your driveway. When consumers are looking for a service to be done, they trust someone with experience — it’s that simple! Here at GreenLife Technologies, we have the experience you’re looking for.

Our team is made up of dedicated professionals who are licensed in electrical, engineering, building construction, and other skilled technical trades. Our team even has master electricians with more than 40 years of experience. We’re the solar company you need when you’re interested in a solar panel system in East Texas.


You don’t want to have to go from a solar company to a private technician, back to a solar company, and then do some DIY work to top it off. Here at GreenLife Technologies, our solar panel system installation is the real deal. We’ll handle the design (with your input, of course), construction, code compliance, and even let you know about financial incentives.


Getting a solar panel system from a company with a negative review is one thing. Getting a solar panel system from a company with many negative reviews? Well, that’s quite another. It’s crucial that you check solar companies’ reputations before you commit to working with them. Although solar panel installation and renewable energy more than pays itself off, it’s still an upfront investment, so you want a company you can trust.


Finally, find a solar company that has all the possible qualifications when it comes to solar panel systems. For example, here at GreenLife Technologies, we are NABCEP-certified and maintain knowledge of recent changes in building, electrical, and safety codes. Ask us about our qualifications when we meet for a consultation

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Solar electricity can decrease your financial expenditures, improve your property value, and contribute to a healthy, sustainable future for your children and grandchildren. Contact GreenLife Technologies today to learn more and schedule a free consultation for your solar panel system in East Texas. Don’t forget to check out our FAQ page while you’re here!